How does

How does
dial-a-doping work?

Find out how dial-a-dope operations in British Columbia are kind of like food-delivery for drugs.

Dial-a-doping is typically the first step into gangs.

Running a dial-a dope operation in BC is like a pizza delivery service for drugs. You can’t separate the sale of drugs and the use of drugs from real gangs or organized criminal activity.

*Dial-a-dope rings are local or regional drug hubs.

  • Recruiting may be done through friends, family members, social media, or occasionally by force.

  • Kids sometimes hide drugs, weapons, and drug score-sheets in their bedrooms.

It's a never-ending
cycle of debt and
threats of violence.

It's a never-ending cycle of debt and threats of violence.

New dialers are usually forced into debt with their suppliers, resulting in a never-ending cycle of debt and threats of violence that continue to control the young dialers in this dangerous lifestyle.

  • Claims to have a legitimate job but cannot produce a paystub;

  • Associates with negative peers/known dial-a-dopers;

  • Has a vehicle which may belong to the youth, the parents, another gang member, or a rental company.

In B.C., gangs are known to recruit young men around the age of 16 who have their driver’s license.

Like typical teenagers, the youth are open to adventure and are willing to try out new and dangerous ways of living.

The newcomers to a gang (most of them at the Dial-a-Doper level) are almost always led to believe they will make a lot of money—a claim that is 99% false.

But how does a Dial-a-Doping operation actually work in my community?

Drug users will call a designated drug number and organize a meeting at a specific location.
Line boss relays orders to a designated
dial-a-doper to deliver drugs.
Drugs are delivered to a location.
Payment is made.
Drug money is then delivered to the stash house. A stash house is where weapons, drugs, and money are hidden.

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