An End Gang Life Documentary Series

The Myth & Realities of Gang Life.

Real-life stories told from the perspective of former gangsters.

Many teens and young adults have been inundated with images in the media, movies, and television that propagate many myths about gangs and gangsters.

On the surface it might look like the easiest way to get expensive cars, designer clothing is to join a gang but what are often ignored are some of the realities associated to gang life.

Each video provides a thought-provoking look into the many myths about gangs.

The ability to get a glimpse into the mind of a gangster. Relive their experiences, many have done unspeakable things, but their stories are gripping.

A Series of Gang Prevention and Education Videos

Initiate informative conversations.

Bringing together former gangsters, parents who’ve lost their children because of involvement in the gang lifestyle, and police officers who have first-hand knowledge of the devastation that gangs have on our communities.

The Facilitators Guide

Help create an engaging, active learning environment for students.

The activities and questions included in this Facilitators Guide encourage students to express their perspectives and apply those perspectives to the choices they may be making and that other individuals in their lives may be making.

For some students, this may present a first opportunity to learn about gang life and ask questions.

For others, this may be a familiar topic if friends or family members have previously been impacted by gang-related violence or activity.

Myth and Realities of Gang Life

Often Forgotten or Ignored are some
of the Realities associated with gang life.


If you are ready to leave gang life behind,
there is help available for you.

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